Friday, April 08, 2005

Stubborn Issues

i think i've had bronchitis. i've felt like shit & couldn't stop coughing. i coughed so hard my ribs, chest & tongue hurt. it hurt to breathe. in case you're wondering my tongue felt raw from rubbing against my teeth everytime i coughed. isn't that weird? that was a first for me. i stayed in bed for a total of 3 days taking medicine after medicine but i'm back on my feet and the cough is getting better all the time. i tried to make an appointment with my doctor but he couldn't get me in for a month. i would've been dead by then. so, i doctored myself. the only way i know how. the trick is to combine enough of the medicines to sleep for days. with all that in you it's easy to sleep & by the time all the medicine works out of your body you don't remember being sick at all.
this past weekend jammer & i had a test of wills. man that kid is stubborn. he brought his cup to me & told me he wanted juice. no problem. as i got up to get it i said 'well, can you say please?' he replied 'git it'. me 'say please' him 'git it' me 'say please' him 'git it'. this went on for 45 minutes. i finally made him go to his room & lay in his bed without the drink. when he got there he yelled 'my blankie'. magic word? u got it. standing at the door with blankie in hand I asked 'what do you say?'. he said 'memaw i have juice & blankie? please.' so i kissed him, gave him both & asked what was so hard about that. he said he was sorry. so, i won that round but he's only 2. what will it be when he's 4?
he's also turned into a stripper. like his daddy he takes his clothes off after about 20 minutes of being dressed. sonny used to bury them in the yard or hide them. sometimes he just threw them away. i'd send him out to play & look out a few minutes later to see him swinging from a tree bare assed. this is something jammer has just started. maybe his daddy hasn't outgrown that habit. i thought he did.
and raaayyyy, hubby is back to work. things are picking up.


catatonic said...

that's so cute! are you feeling better?

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

Yes, I am feeling alot better. Thanks for asking. I'll let you in on a little secret. My aliens will always be a trip. I have lots more to experience & I'm sure of that.