Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Holy Blasting Bongs Batman

we had terrible weather last weekend. it started as rain, then hail. i'm not talking little bitty hail balls. i'm talking almost golf size hail. the wind was hitting 30 miles an hour and again it snowed. lots & lots. when i got up on sunday the car was covered & it was still snowing. but all night long my sweet sounding chimes that hang outside were more like bongs going off in the neighborhood. i didn't sleep well & i kept hearing people yelling 'kill the bongs'!!! i'm not sure if that was my imagination, my guilt or the real deal.
we were stuck in the house all day sunday & by noon i had 2 neighbors call saying 'man the chimes were too much last night, huh?'
i had to admit they were right & assure them they were coming down. how could such sweet, innocent looking chimes turn into the blasting bongs from hell?
just to mention it was a lesson well learned. innocent looking chimes & storms do not mix well with neighbors that have to get up for work early on monday morning.
g'night love


Rainex said...

Hope you are feeling better
in yourself. I love wild weather-
mind you baring in mind I live
in the safe-(ish)UK!