Sunday, April 03, 2005

People I Know

i know a guy named rachael.
i also know a guy that was the first of 8 kids to be born in a hospital. he's also the only one that has a name his mother didn't give him. they were down home country folks that lived way down in the hills of redneck country. mom & dad didn't even have a 4th grade education between the 2 of them. neither of them could read. when the nurses heard her name for the baby they misunderstood. they thought she said 'byron' when she was saying 'barn'. she wanted her son to be named 'barn'. he grew up thinking his name was barn. when he started school the teacher called for 'byron' & he didn't answer. she said 'son, thats you.' he told her 'no my name is barn'. i can't imagine the teasing he took over that. he laughed about it. later. when he was grown. we still call him 'barney'. when he turned 18 he had his name on his birth certificate changed to read 'byron barn bertren'. he gave that certificate to his mom on her death bed & read it aloud for all to hear. i think thats a sweet story.
i also have a friend that is worse about bitching at me then my own son is. he ranted at me for 20 minutes about getting some hookup to my pc that would let me take incoming calls 'if i chose to'. he really wants me to buy this device. the whole time he stood there bitching at me he kept telling me how his car was running & he was on his way to pick up food. but thats the way i like it. if i don't want to talk on the damn phone i don't have to. if i had a devise that told me when i had a phone call coming in then everyone would know i didn't want to talk to them.
how many feelings would be hurt if they knew i didn't want to talk.
my friend from high school is dj'ing on live radio. she gets to interview 'charley daniels' tomorrow. ain't that too cool?
well. later for now.


ML said...

Im with you - I have a thing about call waiting. How can another phone call that comes in during the one im in be more important than the one Im already in? Its so rude.. and whats ruder is when I call someone on MY bill and they make me hold for call waiting. I think it should be banned.

Rainex said...

I postitively loathe
talking on the phone to
strangers which is a bit of
a blow because I work in a Call