Tuesday, April 12, 2005


i've been having really weird dreams lately. maybe all that medicine isn't out of my body. some things i've forgotten about until i started dreaming about my grandma. we locked grandma in the outhouse one time. she wasn't real sturdy on her feet anymore & had been in & out of the hospital fighting off infections. we thought we were keeping her safe. then got caught up playing & mostly forgot about her. we remembered her about 45 minutes later. she told us she was gonna make us cut our own switch. god, i hated to have to pick my own switch. if it wasn't big enough you had to go back & get a better one. if it was too limp you'd pay dearly cos that sucker would cut your legs open the way grandma would swing it. if she had to get it herself she would make sure it had little side twigs sticking out cos you were in for it. so, in my dream i had to pick my own switch & grandma wailed on my little ass. i could see the blood where she hit my legs by accident.
that same day baby sis fell in the septic tank or well being dug out back. it was about 8 feet deep. mom heard her screaming & asked where she was. we told her she was out playing & mom made us go looking for her. she kept saying 'i know i heard her yelling' it had been raining alot & the damn hole was full of water & stupid was playing along the edge in the mud with cars & trucks & leaned too far forward. she was drenched & scared stiff. she told me later she just knew she was gonna get too tired to keep swimming & was gonna drown.
i dreamed about this fish aquarium we had. mom mostly kept mollies in it but she came home with some goldfish one day & added them. the goldfish immediately started chasing the mollies. i had grown quite attached to those cute little mollies. they lulled me when i couldn't sleep, calmed me when i was upset so i didn't like that big bully chasing my sweet little mollies. i caught that bully bastard & feed a needle through his tail with a piece of thread on it. i left the thread long enough that i could attach it to the curtain. that sucker stopped chasing the mollies. when i finally let him go he kinda hovered in the corner & only came out to eat.
late...i wanna watch some tv.


ML said...

Thats funny.. my silver mollie was the bossiest bugger in my tank when she was alive!