Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Color Everywhere

how did everything bloom so fast? one day it's just little peeks of leaves & buds & the next day it's full blown bloomering! my yard is amazing with blooms everywhere. all of a sudden i have purple, yellow, white, and blue all surrounded by green. beautiful, just beautiful.
i've been watching 5 egg sacs of a praying mantis that i can't wait to hatch. i watched this mantis hang upside down for weeks last october then noticed these puffy kind of wasp nest looking things. when i went on line to research it i learned about her spitting a mixture & laying eggs in it. then she dies. and in the early spring the babies eat their way out to a brand new world. i can't wait to meet the new babies. i am a nature nut, aren't i?


ML said...

Praying Mantis' are so cool. I had one on my gatepost one morning in the states and while we stood there looking at it closely it jumped into my boyfriends face!

Lindy.. The Alien Keeper said...

too funny. and they have little grippers on their feet so they can latch onto anything.