Thursday, April 28, 2005

Homemade Specialties

my baby sisters specialty is taco salad. she makes lots of sweets but her main meat dish is the taco salad. i compare it to the taco casa's taco salad. its that good. my sister, nipper, is the best goullash maker in the world. spagetti & hamburger with a tomato base that is just simply to die for. hubby has his specialties that consist of one ass kicking sausage gravy, chicken & dumplings, pancakes that are so lite & fluffy & every now & then he surprises me
give me anything & challenge me to make a meal & i will rock your palatable world. i am an inventive cook. i will always survive. hahahha... i have taught honey to make a few things. bbq sauce is simple but she complained that sonny was out & i suggested she make her own. i gave her a few suggestions & now she won't buy it cos she can make better. just challenge me. i am great.
there are people out there that can outdo me. one i witnessed just recently. we were out eating burrito's when i hear someone sucking snot from the very pit of their stomach. num num, homemade guacomole is what went through my brain. gag!!! i glanced back to discover it was none other than my own husband that was mixing his own special sauce right there in front of god & everyone.
remind me not to show my face at a taco bell in my neighborhood for awhile.