Sunday, May 01, 2005

It's My Party

and i'll whine if i want to. the birthday party is over & again, nothing went the way i wanted it to. honey is just a very bossy person & how she can manipulate my home is beyond me. one minute i was taking a shower the next i was setting up for the birthday party that i didn't want to have for another 2 hours. my plan was to get the kids up from nap time. feed them dinner & let them play outside until we had the party all set up. but no honey & sonny showed up just after they woke up & i went to get a shower. when i came back out sonny was hanging party decor & the kids were outside waiting (unbeknownst to them) for their party. well, i let things go her way to a point. i am not going to feed kids cake & ice cream before they have dinner. so yes, i put them all in their princess dresses & we did the cake thing. i took them outside & took pretty pictures of everyone then we changed into play clothes & ate the sloppy spagetti & meatballs that the twins wanted for dinner. i guess we both won. but this is my house. shouldn't my plans be plan a? hers can certainly be plan b but thats only if my plans aren't working. and i'm tuff!!! my plans always work.


Rainex said...

Hey Tuff girl finally added your
blog-still a bit fucked up though!