Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun And A Shoebox

the fun just never ends here at alien nation. i took today off to take the car in for her upgrade. remember the new tranny & axle? we dropped her off at 8am & finally picked her up at 6pm. they took her for a test drive & everything seemed ok but when we were coming home she was shifting kinda rough. theres also a bad shimmy when you hit about 35 to 40. the shop was already closed, like as soon as we were pulling out they were locking up. so, hubby gets to call in the morning & see when we can bring it back in for them to find out what the problem is. i have to go to work the rest of this week. i also have to be able to get to the doctors for that b12 shot i mentioned. i guess i'll just see how the week plays out as to when they can take me & more important when i can make it.
i stayed up a little late last night & finally got our scanner hooked up & running. yayyy, for me!!! now i can show you everything from the beginning of my garden back in 1998 to a pic of my grandpa found in an old write-up in a redneck paper from the downhome boonies.
i think my next project will be opening a flickr account. i've got a 250 gig hard drive but damn, we're talking about a lot of pics. i don't want all that on my hard drive. the dialup connection is bad enough. i'm still in search of a 130 gig to put in as a 2nd hard drive & then i think i'll be done with my computer for awhile. lets be honest, you're never really truly done with upgrades when it comes to a computer. i've been on ebay & found a few prospects. i just haven't had time to watch any bidding & if you really want something off ebay you need to monitor that shit.
for now, i'm gonna get off & start looking through my pics. i have 14 photo albums already put together but i haven't invested in an album in like, 10 years, so the bulk of my pics are stored in shoe boxes. if i find a decent sale on albums i'll snatch them up for organizing. reminiscing is in my nearest future.


Walker said...

OH OH OH don;t get one put in get and external they are great you can take them anywhere and 120 gig external here is about 70 bucks so it has to be cheaper there.
ZI think unless you pay flikr you can only have 100 pictures there. I have a flickr account to