Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day In 08

happy mothers day to all you who are mothers. and fathers that fit the bill too.
ixxies' birthday was on friday so we did a party for her today instead of mothers day. lucky me. i did finally get a 'happy mothers day' at 5:30 this evening. when sonny got here. thats when everyone else looked at me & said, 'oh yeah, happy mothers day'. i've officially given up my rights to mothers day. now, all i have is grandparents day & that i get to share with pappaw.
i feel cheated. now who's being overly sensitive? self centered bitch that i am.
i stepped out of my self wallowing long enough to call my stepmom.
seriously, i was really so busy with getting ixxies birthday together & my car worked on that i didn't really think about my mothers day until sonny showed up. thats when it dawned on me too. but he bought me a planter with about 3 different plants in it & a card that was so fitting to our years that i'll treasure it forever.
he's the bestest son in the whole wide world.
hope you all had a wonderful day. i'll post pics later.
xoox, night for now.


Walker said...

Mother's day is every day My mother says because she has to work lol

In a way I think she is right.
Just like you running around trying to get everything ready for Ixxies party.

Making her happy makes you happy I bet and when they do remember you on that one dau of the year, that's bonus I guess.

Feisty Irish Wench said...

I spent my mother's day at the gun range with my two was indeed had. I would have normally gotten breakfast in bed or something had I stayed in it long enough. My son did make me pancakes though. I'm very delighted to report he did not overbeat the batter this time. So we avoided the chewy gummy bear consistency scenario of last year.

Tammi said...

I'm slipping in keeping u w/ whats going on in Lindy-Land...but happy late mothers' day to you too,hun.
I've been busy talking endlessly to a guy that obviously isn't gona be as compatable as I THAT is being self centered.LOL...Not getting Ixxies party together and all the many other multi-tasking things you had going on.You couldn't have had time to wallow in self pity.Too many irons in the fire.
What a neat-o son you hot there.That was so sweet of him.

Tammi said...

spell check loser
I said"what a neat-o son u GOT there". Hot there makes no sense at all.....?Big duh.