Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aging With Dignity

about 3 weeks ago i had hubby color my hair. how cool is that? i save hundreds of dollars a year by having hubby do my hair color for me. of course, i've only done this a total of 3 times in my 51 years, how close to hundreds could i really be? i usually use a color pretty close to my natural color. i'm not grey enough to really worry about it except right around my face. due to vanity i can't stand looking at me with white showing up right in the front. why couldn't it have started in the back or the underside for crying out loud? noooo, not me. i have to start right in the very front of my head. where everybody sees right off the bat that i'm getting old. my dad was totally white by the time he was 35 & telling me i was making him old. not fair considering he fucked around on my mom when I was younger & my step mom the rest of the years. me, making him grey, doubtful, his lifestyle makes more sense to me. you just can't keep leading a double life trying not to get caught without getting a few grey hairs. my mom on the other hand still wasn’t that grey when she died. yes, she used to darken her hair when she was younger but only cos she didn’t like the mousey brown of her hair & preferred black. my younger sister on the other hand has gone quite grey & when she colors her hair using a light ash brown it makes her look almost blond. i’ve gotten tired of fighting the white showing through so i thought i’d go with a golden blond. i assumed that would, more than anything, streak the grey & maybe give the rest of my hair some umpfff. what i didn’t count on was the over all red tint i got. yeah, i got the streaks but hell no i didn’t want the rest of my head to look red.
i went to work with my new hair color. figuring what the hell it’ll grow out. do you know not one person even noticed? i saw honey & sonny on the weekend. neither one of them noticed. the next weekend was superbowl & i had a housefull of people….not a word. finally this past weekend sonny looked at me & asked what i did to my hair. 'it looks blond?' finally!!!! every one in the house noticed my hair was different but now the asses couldn’t decide on just what color it was.
what have i done? i’d post pics but have you ever tried to take a pic of yourself? it just ain’t happening people. i’ve tried for days to take a decent pic but i keep missing myself. i’ve tried using timers or just holding the camera & i wind up getting just the top of my head or my ears. or nothing at all. as soon as i get a pic of me that shows the new hair color i’ll put them up. until then, keep guessing.


Walker said...

Ah but the fact that they didn;t notice is good because it says you are not aging.

Everyone colors their hair now i think even my father has his Grecian formula and he is 79.
It's not working for him but with his eye sight it looks perfect in the mirror.

Vanity is what keeps you young, the color just make you look it.

ML said...

Oh I feel your pain Lind.. Im only 35 and i have a white streak at the front just above my right eyebrow and grey roots that frame my face when my hair colour grows out. Its a constant battle as I like to colour my hair dark red but the darker colours are so much more maintenance than the light ones. Still apparently you're only as old as the man you feel :-) - that makes me 28.