Thursday, February 07, 2008


hubby has had some very bad news. his dad has been diagnosed with cancer. so far they've detected it in his back. i'm not sure how extensive it is but he is currently undergoing chemo & i guess radiation is the next step. about 3 years ago they found a dark spot on his lungs & he went in to have it removed & biopsied. that turned out to be just a fatty mass but he was told he needed to quit smoking then. at that time we all assumed he did quit but apparently NOT. cos over the last few years he's been smoking when he was with the boys outside. and i guess when he was in the car. he hasn't smoked in front of me & i guess he hasn't let mum in on the secret but everyone knows he's still been at it. so please, lots of prayers, crossed fingers & good karma sent out for his full recovery. i know it doesn't sound good when its been found in your back. (thats the info i've been given) but it never hurts to keep the faith. i worry for mum too. whatever will she do if something happens to dad? she's a tough woman but she depends on him & she loves him so intensely that it shows on her face when she even looks at him. they've been married for 49 years & we hope to have a great 50th party for them in september. that had been decided by the kids before we got this awful news. i've suggested 2 goldfish in a bowl but i don't know if that'll fly. you know, memories, if he doesn't make it very long. at this point we're not sure we'll even be able to have a party. he's very weak right now & he's on so many medications that he spends most of his day sleeping. only time will tell. god bless all that have endured this kind of tragic news. god bless dad & mum.


Walker said...

I am sorry to here about your FIL. I will be keeping him in my thoughts.