Sunday, February 03, 2008

Unplanned Things

sonny & honey just left. my cv boot is fixed & all is good in my world right now. thats not speaking for tomorrow. (you know how that shit goes) but right now, my world is great. i'll be able to tell more after i make that hour trip to work & see how the boot is.
i'm in the middle of what turned out to be a football party. lucky, my younger sister, and her friend bashfull (which shes NOT) showed up to meet up with sonny, honey & their neighbor adam to watch the game. turned out we have a housefull & never made a plan for any of it. good thing i went to the grocery store & stocked up. this was supposed to be a bad week with the weather. there was a really bad storm working its way through heading right for us. we got the wind & some of the rain but the snow & sleet skipped us altogether. (thank you jesus) tuesday night i got very little sleep due to the wind that whipped through. for some stupid reason my back door refused to stay shut. all night long i kept having to get up to shut the damn thing. i've never had that happen before & it hasn't happened since. scared the shit out of me the first time it happened. it was about 9:00 pm & we were all sitting in the living room when it yanked open & slammed against the house. the dog nearly jumped out of her skin, running down the hallway barking like a banshee. buddy, if it was something she was gonna get it. her hair stood on end for the rest of the night cos she was sure someone was coming in that door. you ever tried to make a dog understand the wind? the only thing she knows about the wind is when shes in the car with her head out the window it makes her happy. it would have been funny if i hadn't been trying to get some sleep. hubby was up for the first time but let me tell you when that man lays his head down he's OUT!! he didn't hear another thing till i woke him about 4 am to make him go do something. he slammed it & guaranteed it would not come open again but within about 35 minutes it started all over again. needless to say he slept through that again. i finally jammed a metal strip in the chain that holds it to keep it from opening all the way & gave up on trying to keep it shut. wasn't enough room for anyone to get through the door & that was good enough for me. it did get cold but a few more blankets took care of that. believe me when i say not even the dog got out of bed after that. oh, the breaker kicked off, too. i didn't mention that yet did i? yeah, off & on until it finally blew a breaker in the box. the next morning it turned out 52 thousand homes was without electricity. i had electricity through most of my house just the lower half of the plugs weren't working & the heater. so the rest of the week will consist of stress testing everything in my life to see what each & every thing can withstand. there will be no more nights without heat for this bitch.


Walker said...

Unplanned things are the best sometimes.
Think of it as an adventure in life.
I had a planned party that turned crazy before it ende, thanks to the Giants LOL