Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pleasantly Surprised

what does cherry do when i pour fuel injector cleaner straight down her puss? that bitch choked a few times, coughed about a dozen times, puked 2 or 3 times then died! i mean died as in no life, no turnover, no crank at all. i sat in the parking lot for about 20 minutes letting her take it all in thinking what in the hell do i do now? i could have called roadside assistance so i wasn't stuck but i hated to have her towed all the way home. so, i tried her one last time. she cranked, she started, she sat there and idled like a champ. i was almost afraid to put her in gear thinking this is all a ruse. she's tricking me. i gave her gas a few times & she purred like a kitten so i put her in gear & all that stupidness of the last few weeks were forgotten. (she's a forgiving bitch). she's ran great ever since with no after effect at all...isn't that nice to know? slap her around & show her who's boss & she rolls over & gives you her loyalty again. i still hate cars. i'd rather ride a horse. a really tame horse though, cos i don't think i could take getting bucked off a 16 hand horse anymore. that shit bout killed me the last time.
we had jammers birthday party today. tonight actually. i love my big guy & his gullibility. i had him convinced all day that the preparations were for lucky. he really had no clue. her birthday is tomorrow so he practised singing the birthday song all day so he wouldn't mess it up for her. when i called him out & he saw this he was flabbergasted.

'memaw, you tricked me'

'yep, are you surprised'

'yes, i am. did i get presents'

'look behind you on the chair'

total look of awe.

'oh memaw, i love you sooo much. thank you papaw, thank you memaw. can i open them now'
we had a great time. everybody played with his toys & snacked on hanky panks first then ate chicken & dumplings for dinner. followed up with cake & ice cream.
in the end we all hugged up for a pic together.
all in all it was a great day. lucky is on the left & she was surprised cos she just thought she was coming for a party for jammer.
jammer was surprised cos he thought he was celebrating luckys' birthday & as you can see (inadvertantly) everybody just wished ixxie would shut up cos she just about blew every surprise we had planned. seriously, i think from now on when i'm trying to plan a surprise...i'll stick a sock in her mouth & tape it there.
little taters


Walker said...

Happy Birthday to Jammer.
You got him good and i bet the surprize made his day.
Sounds like you all had a fun preparing for it to

Cars are a pain in the ass but i rather a car because I don't think a horse would like having its legs buckling with my 260 pound frame on his back.
The poor thing would have to wear leg braces with shocks incase I wanted to go for a gallop.

ML said...

Happy Birthday Jammer - Hope you had a great one kiddo..