Monday, February 04, 2008


rule number 1: never go anywhere, do anything, think even...without my camera. i hate missing the coolest pics & not being able to share them with you, my friends. see that little white dot i circled? thats a big ole hunk of toilet paper & when i went to get my camera there was a squirrell fighting with it. he was dragging it but it was raining & wet & it stuck to him everywhere he touched it. hilarious but you had to be there to appreciate it now cos when i got back with my camera the shit paper was still there & the squirrell had finally separated himself from the the wet sticky ball.
rule number 2: people we have to talk about the shows that are on these days. i mean, the new 'terminator'? holy shit! how awesome is this? my favorite line of the century is when he says, 'i call shotgun' and his android protecter says, 'i call 9 millimeter'. great line. i laughed so hard i bout fell off the couch. and 'american idol' this year has got to be hot. hot singing & HOT contestants cos nothing less will do. this writers strike has got to end soon cos i'm missing '24' & 'supernatural' needs some new material. i can only watch jenson ackles do the same scenes so many times.
rule number 3: no more wrestling when i'm drinking. me & wrestling just don't mix with yag. by the end of the night i have hubby down in a power head lock to die for. and he almost did.
rule number 4: i have to drink more water & get my ass on that treadmill every night. its not doing me any good sitting in the middle of the floor. hell, jammer thinks its his new toy.
enough with the rules for now. how about punxsutawney phil seeing his shadow? again? who's bright idea was it to drag a poor sleeping groundhog out of a hole in the middle of his hibernation with a gazillion lights on him & proclaim he sees his shadow? unless your blind, hell yes, you're gonna see a shadow. if he could talk he'd tell you he sees spots too. does that mean a shorter year? cheese & rice people are we all idiots? i wish just one time he'd attack that stupid crowd that gathers to torture that poor animal. him & his den of little phils just go after them all like stink on shit! bet that would stop those fools from aggravating that poor little guy for some crazy obsession. its the middle of winter. yes, we are still going to have 6 weeks of winter. thats whats left!!!!
thats all too for the bitching tonight. wrestling is on & i haven't put hubby in his beloved head lock yet. i don't want him to feel neglected.


Walker said...

I haven't watched the Terminator series yet, I guess I better get on board.
I like Eurika, not much of an IDOL fan.

Now the squrrel know why you shouldn't squeeze the Charmins.