Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Special Birthday Note To My Son

now, i'm a day late but it still means the same. i wasn't a day late with the celebration or anything like that. just the posting of those events. yesterday was sonnys birthday. i really surprised him this year. he most certainly didn't expect the cake & ice cream let alone the huge 'happy birthday' banner & balloons. everyone beat him into the house & as they walked in i whispered, 'shhhh, just sing.' so as he came in we broke into the birthday song & you could tell by the embarrassed look on his face that he was surprised. it was his 33rd & i think it was the first time i've ever really surprised him. this time i didn't tell anyone what i was doing. i just did it & waited till they all walked in to let the cat out of the bag. otherwise these loose tongued hooliegans can't keep their mouths shut. my lil sis pj is the worst for that. you could never keep a secret if she knew anything. she would shout it from the rooftops before she would keep it to herself. like she would explode if she couldn't tell first. ixxie is the same way. she just can't keep her mouth shut. we had fun but him & honey took off pretty fast to enjoy their private time if you know what i mean.
to my special son: i would like to say 'i love you'. i hope you have a hundred more birthdays & may every one of them bring you a wonderful surprise. you have always been a special gift to me & i've cherished every day of our life. i've always been sorry that your dad couldn't be around to see what a wonderful son you are. what a wonderful person you are. how much like him you've turned out. he would be so proud of you. you are a credit to who i am because of your sweet, caring soul & your giving heart. you continually make me proud. not to mention the grandchildren you have given me to fill my heart & my life. without you my life would have been empty. i thank god everyday for the precious gift he has given me. both in you & now your children. i pray that god will always bless you & you will always know how much i love you. happy birthday, spud.
love , mom.


ML said...

Happy Birthday you lil cutie (imagine me tugging your cheek here)!!

Hope you had a good one..