Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And The Beat Goes On

can someone please explain to me why my house looks like it puked up hannah montana, bratz & sparkles all over the place? now i know why i never wanted a little girl. theres just too much junk up in her space. 3 females having to have all the crap that says girlie girl will be the death of me. they all have to have the same thing. they all want to sparkle up everything. so everywhere i look i have 3 of the same thing done different to match the 3 different personalities of my girls. i can't have one put up a poster unless all 3 gets the same priviledge. i can't put ones hair up without doing all 3 & god forbid i even contemplate putting lipstick on someone. NO WAY will that ever fly! between lipstick & finger nail polish its a constant battle over who gets what color & how thick they get to layer it on. don't ever think its that easy either. each one has to have a choice of colors that takes forever to pick from. no wonder i'm gray. waiting on these 3 girls to pick & choose is like pulling my fingernails off with tweezers. its slow torture for me. poor jammer doesn't even get into the mix. if he looks at me with a gleam in his eye that might suggest he wants some attention these girls lose their fucking minds. its all about them, its unsharing & if you think for one minute you might move in on their territory you may die!!
and come on....hannah montana/smiley/miley/destiny dawn cyrus? pleeeeaaaase, pick one. whoever had sooooo many names. what are these little girls being taught? who are they looking up to? the jamie lynns & the han-smil-dests of of the world? jamie lynn is pregnant & han-smil-dest is sporting pictures of her underware all over the internet. it just all makes me sick to death. ixxie is singing 'irreplaceable' by beyonce. i'm thinking what does this kid know about 'Standing in the front yard, telling me How I'm such a fool, talking 'bout How I'll never ever find a man like you You got me twisted' but she knows every single word. freaks me the fuck out. i won't even turn on a radio with her in the same room. i don't want to know that 7 year olds are this far ahead of their time.
whatever happened to 'puff the magic dragon' or 'mickey mouse'? you know, the good ole days? when children knew children songs & didn't imagine themselves kicking their man out?
please people donate hair color. i can't take anymore.


Walker said...

I had to deal with 3 girls and they put me through loops hoops and dupes

Walker said...

OH and I still have 40 naked barbies and one decapitated ken to prove it