Monday, February 25, 2008

Oh No She Di-int

you know what i like to see? that bitch that giggles about the snow, while standing inside the warm news room, standing out in the snow on the street corner reporting the bitter freeezzzinnngg cold while her lips are turning blue & her teeth are chattering so hard she can

hardly report!!! yeah, you ain't giggling now, are you by-otch? she was about to make me go postal on her skinny giggling ass until i saw her shivering out there. i'm still not over it but i guess i am feeling a little empathy for her. i guess. it helps to know how bad it sucks to be the news reporter thats low man on the totem pole. yeah, i've almost talked myself out of hating her so bad. maybe i won't go postal on her but damn, if she giggles again while i'm driving that hour in the ice & snow not being able to see more than a few feet in front of me i think i'll run over her the next time i do see her standing on the street corner.
i left work early cos it was supposed to get so bad & around here when they say its gonna get bad fast they mean run..don't not pass not collect $200.00..get in a hurry up mode & get the fuck home. i stopped at a light & literally watched this cloud of ugly travel up the river in front of me.

by the time the light changed &

i made my left turn

it was crossing the street

and looking more like

i might be screwed.
i have this huge twisting snake like hill that i have to travel up to get home. that road is only 2 lanes with deep embankments on each side.

this is what i saw when i
made that left. the road
wasn't too bad yet but
this was coming down
really hard & fast with very little traffic
traveling up & down the
roads it wasn't gonna take
long to get nasty.
visibility was almost nil at this point.
by the time i got to the highway nothing was getting any better. you can't tell it but that film you see on the road was frozen ice & we were only traveling about 30 miles an hour.
at this point i was about half way home. it took me 50 minutes to get here & normally i should be almost home after 50 minutes of travel time. when i got to the road that i turn up. (the snakey one) there was an accident involving 3 cars. we had to work our way back out into the traffic to get around that to make the turn for the last leg of the fiasco. i stopped taking pics at this point. i needed both hands to manipulate those friggin hills & ss's. besides i didn't want to wind up rear-ending someone. so giggle much at the snow little miss reporter girl? i don't think so.


Walker said...

THe weatyher is insane this year.
We are poised yop shatter the record for the most snowfall in a year.
One day its nice the next 20 inches of snow.