Saturday, March 08, 2008

Anniversary Of An Obituary

29 years ago on this day tommy was found dead laying in his car. he was waiting for daylight to go hunting & fell asleep in his car. it was a cold windy morning & he parked beside a row of hedges leaving his car running with the heat on to stay warm. we had planned on meeting at the tax office later that day to have our taxes done. he didn't get to go hunting, we didn't get to do our taxes together that year or any year after that, and i was left to explain to our 4 year old son why hiding from daddy before he got home from work would never happen again.
i've hated this day for 29 years.


Walker said...

That is terrible.
I am sorry for your loss way back then.
I don;t know how many times i passed out in the car while it was running but i had the window cracked open.

ML said...

Blimey thats awful, how sad.