Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fill In's

i don't really have anything. i just wanted to say 'hi' & tell you that we went shopping today & visited with nipper. i've spent most of my time playing, shopping, hugging & kissing with jammer. he's such an entertaining little guy. although, i don't think i've ever been asked soooo many questions in one day. he's really talkative when its just him & very inquisitive. he's also quite a story teller. you know how the chic in american pie always started her stories with 'one time, at band camp' well, jammers all start with 'one time, when i was a baby' & you know how cute it is for him to have so many stories from his babyhood when he's just barely 5? then in the next sentence he points out that he's not a baby...'you know i'm 5 now'. in such an 'oh so grown up matter of fact manner'. the funniest for me is when he uses big words that i can't believe he even knows at 5. he just tickles the crap out of me. mostly, we worked on his abc's & stayed up late watching movies, shopped alot, played some fishing & gave dog licks alot. and told each other how much we loved & missed each other. just grandma-grandson stuff.
i had a great weekend. how about you? was yours good? go ahead, you can drop me a line & let me know what you did. lurkers are welcome...lurkers...what a strange word to use for an open medium. makes it sound so ominous.
ok, i'm outta here.


Walker said...

Any day you spend with Jammer is a good day for you.
My weekend was great, but I'll never tell why LOL