Monday, March 10, 2008

Hometown Wrestle Mania

every monday night is wrestle mania night here in the alien nation. you'd think after new years eve hubby would learn but alas....his skull is thicker than that. (i'm a horrible wife but then he's a shitty husband so i guess we're even.) anyway, last night we watched ric flair be inducted into the hall of fame. good for ric but have you seen him lately? the wrestle years have been hard on him. slobberknocking his way through all the chest slaps have definitely left their tolls on his old bod. most of the wrestlers look like a million dollars when they begin their careers but it doesn't take long for the hard life to show in their faces. let alone their delapidated bodies. i can't believe vince mcmahon received a star on the 'hollywod walk of fame' for his involvement. he's a dork & he struts like one too.
wrestle mania has always been a part of our lives. when sonny was a kid his friends used to get together & play wrestle in our front yard. at times there would be up to 20 boys out there waiting their turns to slam dunk, clothesline or power drive each other into oblivion. i tried to talk them into finding less dangerous things to do but what did i know? i was just a mother. especially when 5 or 6 fathers would join them to be referees in the matches. sonny had this one little friend, his name was lee. lee was always game for the wrestling stunts. he was so little that just about every boy in the neighborhood could pretty much pick him up with one hand & fling him into next week. nobody wanted to tag team with him just be an opponent of his. they knew they had little chance of losing. to this day little lee still isn't even 4 feet tall. i swear it had something to do with how many times that kid was power driven into the front yard. i mean afterall, that shit is clay out there & it doesn't give very much.
i bring this all up because hubby pointed something out to me recently. our wedding photo album....starts with pages of a wrestler named lex luger. at the time i thought he was the shit. in the end he wound up with ms. elizabeth & she od'ed on coke, vodka & painkillers one night, choked on her meal & died. since then, i've moved on to bigger & better thing, like blogging & growing up but now i'm wondering when these guys are gonna grow up. heart break kid, shawn michaels is one of them. shouldn't he lose the 'kid' shit? i mean how can you use a name like that when you look like he does? edge what does that mean? as in going over? or living on? maybe, jumping off? triple h hell hath horney? hop his hump? and last but not least, the somoan bulldozer does his momma know what he's done to his face?
u know, the more i think about this the more i think i better stop while i'm still ahead. i'm gonna step on some toes of wrestling fans world wide & some asshole may decide to come shot my ass. just take it to heart when i say i still love my wedding photo album.


Walker said...

I'm not a big wrestling fan.
I will watch it if i can;t reach the remote.

I have been to a live wresatling match with a friend way back when vince wasn't part of it and I have many friends who are nuts over it but it's not my cup of tea,
Now if these guys want to get into the ring and do it for real without the bs well then i would LOVE to watch them get it on for real and see if they get off of the ground after one real slam on concrete LOL

ML said...

I never got into that Pantomine..(I'll step on everyones toes for you Lind) load of fat old sweaty blokes leaping about on each other. I do love watching Youngster and C wrestle about on the living room floor though... its definitely a boy thing.

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ML said...