Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cannot Find Server

have you missed me? i bet you didn't even realize i haven't been on. i haven't been to any of my favorite blogs. i haven't checked any of my emails. i haven't googled one thing in almost a week. my isp server changed their message center & it affected the way my computer connected to internet explorer. i've been jonesing for the internet real bad. i finally had a minute to sit down & fix it. turned out i had to delete & reload my internet explorer which was no easy feat cos i had no connection. i can't honestly tell you what i finally did to get it working. i tried soo many things that i'm not sure what actually worked but needless to say....ray!!!! i'm back in business.
i'm still missing my big guy but i did talk to him on the phone & he told me i had to get out of my town. his exact words were 'memaw, your town is flooding, i see it on the news right now. please, get out of there. they're carrying doggies out & you know how mousey hates to be carried. i don't want you all to drown. get out of there, now!!!' i calmed him & explained we lived on the hill so we weren't gonna drown just maybe his bike would have to be chained to keep it from floating away. he's a very excitable child. can you tell? he was so sweet though, he wasn't worried about his bike, just his memaw, papaw & the dog.
i got my tired fixed too. i knew you would all be worried about that. driving on a doughnut is kinda hairy. i wonder why all our tires can't be made of that same durable plastic that lasts forever. yeah, its bouncy but damn those things last like the energizer bunny. they keep going & going.
tomorrow is easter. so happy easter to those of you that celebrate it. ours will be dull with no kids to entertain. i'm trying to get lucky to come up & have dinner with me just for something to do. easter was my mommys favorite holiday & we always made sure we all got together at her house. nipper is planning on doing a movie with her husband. mommy would have been having a cow about now unless she's planning on a movie about easter at a mom's house somewhere. that might have been acceptable.
my sister pj & her daughter are in florida visiting with my step mom. thats the place to be. i'm kinda jealous. i'm sure she's gonna do a big dinner with all the staples like ham, potatoes, mac & cheese, probably corn & for sure deviled eggs. i doubt there'll be an easter bunny involved but church is a definite. it makes me feel alittle better knowing its raining in florida right now though, so even their egg color will be running. ain't i a bitch?



Walker said...

If I had been around myself I would have noticed.

Nice to hear you fixed the putter.
They are a pain in the ass.
I have one in every room practically and they only woprk when they feel like it or the weather permits.

Your grandson is a sweet lad to be thinking of you all the way he does.
How high is this hill?

Happy Easter

Lindy said...

Hey Walker,
We actually sit about 6 miles higher than the Ohio River. He is a dollbaby though. He was actually crying cos he thought we were really in trouble.