Monday, March 17, 2008

The Ongoing Saga Of Bad Luck

damn, do you know how i hate cars? remember the cv boot sonny put on my car just a few weeks ago? it has since twisted into pieces & now has to be replaced again. i hate the idea of changing over the whole front axle but that looks to be the best way to fix it. at least to fix it permanently. i'm ready to start a petition to bring back the horse & buggy. do you think i'll have any signers? i think i'll dress in a bustled full length dress & tie up boots for show, wearing a corset, hat & carrying a sun umbrella for effect. i'll go knocking door to door & explain that here in the country we have fields going to waste because nobody has horses anymore & we should board our horses on those farms & fetch them everyday to hook up to our buggies for transportation to & from work. i'll give them some speil about how we can save the ozone layer by not shooting gas exhaust into our solar system & the whole world will benefit what with the traffic jams & global warming. shucks i can bring it down to being just a poor simple woman looking to save the world.
besides i think i'll look pretty good on a buggy. it may take me alittle longer to get to work but damn that horse if he can't make it i can just shoot him unlike a car you have to have towed home & then pay some outrageous mechanic to fix.


Walker said...

We can bring the horse and buggy back but you would have to wake up pretty early to start going to work.

Cars are grief and thats why I dont;l own one, yet.