Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Ass Is Chapped

and in more ways than one. she (honey) pisses me off. the weather (mother nature) has the best of me. my car (cherry) is still fucked. (i have to make this another sentence cos i can't put fucked & god in the same sentence) (well shit, that just totally defeated my own purpose) and please (god) give me strength.
i haven't had the kid in 3 weeks. between the weather & money, sonny has decided to keep them home. (the reason they're giving me) truth is honey set up a meeting between ixxie & her biological father (like i need ixxie..just bring me my jammer) but noooo, i can't have jammer cos he's gotta go with ixxie. why? no good reason its just honey & her ignorant way of looking at things. she's gotta have things her way or she's just not happy. sonny goes along with her to keep the peace. i sure thought he had bigger balls than this but i'm delusional at this point.
the snow finally stopped after we got hit with 15 inches but now we're drowning with all the rain & its still so cold you can see your breath. as a matter of fact i hit a huge hole filled with rain that looked like it was filled with gravel. stupid me for thinking seeing gravel around the hole equals filled hole. i guess the rain washed the gravel out & thats what i saw on the road. i blew a valve stem on my tire with that one. i was lucky. i hit so hard it felt like i should have bent the rim. i thought when a coworker called to let me know my tire was flat that was what happened. i'm riding on a doughnut right now until i get the tire fixed. did you know they can replace a valve stem in a tire? i didn't. it was a pleasant surprise to what i thought was gonna be another major expense. although, my key is now stuck in the ignition so i have to use a club on the steering wheel until i can get to a locksmith to get the friggin key out. this week we have to park off grounds & i work in a bad neighborhood that you can't just safely park on the street & expect to find your car where you parked it. especially with the key in the ignition. i wonder how my insurance company will feel if i report my car stolen & then try to explain that the keys were in it. i don't think they'll find any humor in my situation. i doubt i'd be covered for that one.
so, thats where i stand this week. how about you? are you having a good week? i'm looking for stories to cheer me up.


Walker said...

She sounds like my Ex shit for brains.

Yes I knew about the valve and they do it for bikes to as i have tubless tires on my bike :)