Wednesday, March 05, 2008

So Snow Sick

i think mother nature is getting ready to puke all over us again. damn, we just got the last mess cleaned up. right now its anybodys guess as to accumulation. the predictions has gone from a mere 3 to 5 inches, 5 to 7 inches was the next report & the last i heard they were calling for 7 to 12 inches. enough.....already! let it stop.
at this point i don't think anyone is taking it well. i know i'm ready to scream. right now i'm at a low whine....winding up real quick to hitting the growling stage. screams aren't far off, seriously.



Anonymous said...

I know . Iwas laying under your car changing your starter in the shit.

Lindy said...

Well, my dear husband, if you find a job soon when I say 'my car needs' & you can say 'I'll pay' instead of 'Yes, dear, I'll fix it' then we'll both be much happier.