Thursday, March 27, 2008

At Last!!!

for the weekend coming up i get jammer all by himself. i think this is to try & make amends for not having any kids for the last 3 weekends. it helps but by no means does it make up for missing him for almost a month. i've had some pretty horrific dreams involving him & i know this is because i miss having him near me & holding him close. i've literally felt lost without him. my grandmaness is suffering. i did get a really cool pic i want to share with you..
jammer does photograph really well, doesn't he? i love the tom sawyer look here. isn't he adorable? i'll be so glad to see him i could just shit myself.
we have a full weekend planned for him. i'm sure he'll talk me into buying him lots of toys & stuff too. he has that controll over me. i know i want to visit with nipper cos i haven't seen her in forever either & jammer loves her to pieces. except for her bulldog that he hates cos of her 'red eyes' his auntie is his favorite. she lives up on a hill that is full of things for him to investigate & he always walks away with quite a haul. aunt nipper spoils them all to death. i'm not sure the weather will allow him to do too much playing but he'll love the attention he gets all to himself either way.
i'm off for now. gotta be fully prepared for my big guy.